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Things To Do

Frio River Golf Wildlife & Hunting Annual Events
Joe Jimmy's (Seasonal) Frio Bat Flight Tour (Apr-Sept) Dining: Neal's Cafe Rio Frio Fest
Horseback Riding (Seasonal) Sunset Hayride (Seasonal) Hank's Fishing Tank Neal's BBQ Cook-Off
Bird Watching (Seasonal) Slide (Seasonal) Haunted Hayrides
Harley Rally & Music Fest

The Lodging Office is inside Neal's Grocery Store. If you have any questions or would like to book an activity, come by the office or give us a call at (830) 232-6118.

By The Way: Neal's Grocery Store is open 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily during the summer season and is stocked with a wide variety of goods including groceries, picnic supplies, charcoal, firewood, toys, T-shirts, caps, bait, tackle and souvenirs. Off-season hours are Sunday-Thursday 8:00-5:00 and Friday-Saturday 8:00-7:00.

Floating and Swimming the Frio River

Floating on an inner-tube down the Frio River is what made Concan, TX famous. Well, that and places like Neal's Swimming Hole. Here's more information regarding the Number 1 Thing To Do in Concan.

Floating the Frio photo by Southern LivingNeal's Swimming Hole

Inner Tubes: $10.00 / day and can be rented inside Neal's Grocery Store. Tubes must be returned to the store by 8:00 PM. If kept overnight, you will be charged for another day's rental. There is a $10.00 deposit on each tube rented by campers or day guests.

Float Trips: $5.00 / person ($15.00 minimum). Neal's shuttle will take you to the next crossing for your float trip back to Neal's Swimming Hole. Shuttle hours are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily. Please leave your keys and other valuables at home.

Dancing and Hanging Out at Joe Jimmy's (Seasonal)

Hank hard at work in Joe Jimmy'sJoe Jimmy's opened in 2011 and was an instant hit. The Cantina is the home of self-declared Mayor of Concan, Rodger the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake - aka Rattlin' Rodge. So, it's safe to say that Joe Jimmy's welcomes all kinds. The Cantina is adjacent to Neal's dance slab and plays sanctuary for sun-baked river floaters, deer hunters, bikers, cowboys and locals. Everyone enjoys fine wine, cold beer and good times.

Rattlin Rodge is not really the mayor of Concan...he lost by one vote but everyone is too scared to tell him.There is never a cover charge FOR NEAL'S GUESTS and always plenty to enjoy at Joe Jimmy's. Take dancing lessons on the large concrete dance slab. Let the kids watch the evening feeding of Rattlin' Rodge. Enjoy the Live music. Joe Jimmy's is even open during the off-season for college football.

Joe Jimmy's after a successful dove hunt.No That's not Joe Jimmy: Just another day at Joe Jimmy's Cantina

Did You Know: Joe Jimmy was a race horse owned by Mr. Tom Neal, the founder of Neal's Lodges. Mr. Neal would set up "match races" on a track they had built on the south side of the Frio River. The current location of Joe Jimmy's Cantina is the old hay barn used for the race horse!

Another Night at Joe Jimmy's

Horseback Riding (Seasonal)

One of, if not the most historical activities available at Neal's Lodges is horseback riding. Other than enjoying the crisp cool waters of the Frio, riding horses was a favorite way to enjoy the Texas Hill Country. Although it was discontinued several years ago... IT'S BACK.

$25 + tax per person

Horseback RidingHorseback Riding

Horseback Riding and Tank Fishing at Neal's

Historical Photo of Horseback Riding along the Frio River

Bird Watching (Seasonal)

Golden Cheeked Warbler photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Steve Maslowski

The area surrounding Concan is considered one of the best Birding areas in Texas! Several hundred species of birds can be spotted throughout the year, including the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo.

Neal's Lodges maintains the feeding stations year round and will have newly improved birding stations!

click an image to see larger photo. | Photos are © 2006 Clair de Beauvoir

Please inquire about low season and group rates.


The Frio Canyon boasts two fantastic golfing options:

  1. 3 miles from Neal's Lodges nestled in the hills of Concan unfolds The Club at ConCan.
  2. 25 miles to Utopia is rewarded by another fantastic option - the Utopia Golf Course.

The Club at ConCan
Golfing in Concan Golfing in Concan

The Club at ConCan, just 3 miles from Neal's Lodges, is nestled in the Frio Canyon of the Texas Hill Country River Region. The one-of-a-kind destination course designed by Bechtol-Russell will challenge and inspire your game. In the few years since its opening the course has developed an enviable reputation of being both difficult and beautiful.

Visit for more information.

Utopia Golf Course
Golfing in Utopia Golfing in Utopia

Utopia Golf is the most beautiful nine-hole golf course in Texas! Come experience for yourself why Dr. David Cook was so inspired by this scenic location to write "Golf's Sacred Journey - Seven Days at the Links of Utopia", the book which then inspired the movie Seven Days in Utopia starring Robert Duvall.

Visit for more information.

Take a Frio Bat Flight Tour (April - September)

Witness an awesome site as 10 to 12 Million Mexican free-tailed Bats ascend into the evening sky just before sunset at Frio Cave near Concan Texas.

Frio Bat Flight Frio Bat Flight Frio Bat Flight

The official name for these bats is Brazilian free-tailed Bats. In Texas, we prefer to call them Mexican free- tailed Bats which is actually a subspecies. This is the second largest bat population in the world, BUT it's the largest bat population in the world open to the public!

Tours are held April - September. Visit for more information.

Frio Bat Flight

Neal's Hayrides (Seasonal)

Sunset Hayride on the Frio

Details: $8 + tax per person (5 yrs old +)

Wildlife and Hunting

Uvalde County is one of the premier wildlife habitats in the nation. In addition to the native wildlife and rare birds in the region, several nearby ranches are also home to rare exotics.

Fishing at Hank's Tank Dove Hunting Rainbow Trout Fishing the Frio and Nueces Rivers

Year-round activities include fishing, wildlife tours and photography. Seasonal trips are available as well during dove season.

Dove hunting

Hank's Fishing Tank

Catfish Catch at Neal's

Catfish Catch at Neal's

Neal's Giant Water Slide (Seasonal)

Neal's Giant Water Slide

Neal's Giant Water Slide Neal's Giant Water Slide